BPATS | About

Bournemouth & Poole Argentine Tango Society is a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth of Argentine Tango as a social dance and art form
in Dorset and the Jurassic Coast.


Who We Are

We are Argentine Tango enthusiasts who volunteer our time and effort to running the society. While the
music and the culture plays an important part, it is the dance that brings most of us together. We use
every excuse to celebrate together – Birthdays, anniversaries etc

BPATS provide a friendly and fun environment where dancers of all levels and ages have the opportunity
to learn and practice this beautiful and seductive dance in a social setting.

Membership is open to all, we welcome both new and experienced dancers to our workshops and social
events, encourage sharing of knowledge and ideas in our Practica (practice sessions).
We are a friendly bunch, come and join us for a series of Tango social activities.


What We Do

Our main activities includes organising tango classes, workshops and hosting Milongas (social evenings
of tango dancing including dinner dance).

1. Planning & Organising Tango events

  • Regular milonga (Tango social dances) which is open to all including non members.
  • Weekend Tango workshops/seminars several times a year with resident and guest instructors
    (from Argentina, Europe and UK )
  • Practice sessions, called Practicas, provides opportunities to work on newly-learned steps.
  • Special and themed Tango events - outdoor milonga in summer, seasonal balls in autumn and winter.

2. Supporting the growth of Tango in the community

  • Free Tango Taster workshop for Absolute Beginners
  • Support local Tango organisers, musicians, etc through our events, affiliations, publicity
    and information channels
  • Joint events with regional art and cultural institutions, both commercial and non-profit
    ( Lighthouse Theatre - screening Tango-related films, Concerts, Tango festivals, etc.)
  • We also sponsor JurassicTango, an online bulletin and 24-hour Tango hotline publicising
    Tango events in the Jurassic coast SKYPE: JurassicTango for more details

How Can I Become a Member? Participate by joining our society

Tango is a social dance and membership of the society is open to all, regardless of dance
Our Members comes from all walks of life, representing locals, visitors and guests from
several countries.

We are happy to welcome all who share our passion for Tango, regardless of whether they are
absolute beginners, experienced dancers, singles or couples.

Participate in our activities by joining the society and get discounts to our all of our social dances
(milongas), classes, workshops, Practicas and other special events!

More details about joining here


Benefits of Membership

BPATS offers tangible benefits that pays for membership dues and some.

  • Discounts to all society-sponsored events (classes, dances, workshops and seminars)
  • Discounts to some non-society-sponsored events, whose organizers have kindly agreed
    to give discounts to BPATS members.
  • Regular monthly newsletter (news, events, updates and activities)
  • E-mail notification and updates for late-breaking special events, etc.

More details about membership benefits here.