BPATS | Administration

Bournemouth & Poole Argentine Tango Society is managed by a committee which consist
of three board of directors (to cover the roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) and six other members, elected annually at the annual general meeting.

The Committee have powers to nominate additional members, who in their opinion are able to render
special service, appoint sub committees as and when necessary. The Committee meet as often as is
necessary to make arrangements for the day to day business of the society.



Chair: TBA
Vice-Chair: TBA
Treasurer: TBA
Secretary: TBA
Director of Operations: TBA
Registration officer: TBA
Webmaster: TBA



Election Page
Election Application Form
Committee Members Nomination Form


Society Constitution

BPATS Constitution, Policies and By-laws


Minutes of the Board Meetings

Minutes of the Board Meetings
Tentative Agenda for Open Board Meetings