BPATS | Membership - Officer Duties & Responsibilities

Bournemouth & Poole Argentine Tango Society (BPATS) members are elected to official positions with specific duties and responsibilities.


Society's Officers and Duties.

BPATS will have six (6) officers, all of which are required to be members of the society. The chairperson's and treasurer's positions must be filled at all times. Other officers' positions may be vacant if no eligible members
show interest to fill them. In addition to the six (6) officers, who will constitute the committee, any number of
officers at large may be nominated by the committee to perform specific functions as and when required.

  • Chairperson
    1. Primary contact person with guest instructors
    2. Coordinate the work of other officers
    3. Produce workshop/class schedules
    4. E-mailing

  • Secretary
    1. Handle venue reservations (for classes, workshops, and milongas/events)
    2. Produce and coordinate advertising, fliering, postering, etc.
    3. Communicate about out-of-town events like milongas in Dorset/Hampshire and
      West Country (car pooling)
    4. Manage the Club resources (lending of music and videos)

  • Treasurer
    1. Collect membership fees at the beginning of year
    2. Pay instructors/DJs after each workshop/class/milonga/events
    3. Oversee all purchases (food, drinks, music, videos, etc..)

  • Webmaster
    1. The Webmaster is responsible for website and webpages maintenance
    2. Content & Copyrighting
    3. The Webmaster is responsible for creating posters and fliers for promoting the society's activities.
    4. The webmaster sends regular emails and any other email communications announcing activities/events of the society

  • Resident Instructor (Special Event/Instruction Coordinator)
    1. Schedules workshops and events with the Chairperson
    2. The Resident Instructor is responsible for inviting Guest Instructors
    3. Conceptualize and coordinate social events, performances and demos.

  • Officers at Large

    In addition to the six committee officers, other officers at large may be nominated to assist in the
    running of the society in the following area:

    1. Hospitality (Welcoming new members and receiving guest)
    2. Administration (workshop schedules, booking events venue)
    3. Milonga/Venue decoration,setup and after event clear up.