BPATS | Practica Sessions

BPATS hold guided/unsupervised practica once a month. Regular attendance of practica
is encouraged. Practice is the one of the best way to work on your dance skills and it also provides a good opportunity to get/give help from/to others.

The practica session is open to everyone, all levels and styles of tango are welcomed. It offers an
opportunity to practice, refine and improve our Tango.

Currently we are scheduling practica every Wednesday. The location and the times are subject to change
depending on the availability of venue. More details on our Google Calendar Event Schedule


Guided/Supervised Practica

In order to keep improving the dancing, we can all benefit from an independent observer and mentor
to help diagnose and/or identify patterns and figures.Our guided Tango Practica includes interactive
instruction, coaching and practice with our resident instructor, who will be more than happy to offer
some advice, guidance or help.

  • Answer questions about any figures/ material or just give feedback.
  • Offer suggestions and
  • Advice or help you figure out what’s going wrong.

Open/Unsupervised Practica

In our unsupervised sessions, you will be able to work on what you want or just simply dance and feel
what comes up. Your are welcome to experiment, share ideas, practice and you can always ask the
more experienced dancers to help with the details of a particular step or figures that you need to practice
in order to improve your dancing.


Practice Times

Our practica is currently scheduled to run once a month on Wednesday. Because of special events
and holidays, etc., the practica may sometimes runs on other days, other than Wednesday.
Check our Google Calendar Event Schedule for current dates.

When: Wed 27 Jan, 24 Feb, 24 Mar, 28 Apr, 26 May, 23 Jun, 28 Jul, 25 Aug, 22 Sept, 27 Oct, 24 Nov.
Where: All Saints Church, Branksome Park , 28 Western Rd, Poole, BH13 7BP. Googlemap
Who: Anyone who is interested in improving their Tango.
Why: Because it's fun to Tango.
Time: 8.00pm-11.00 am
Price: £6 Practica & Milonga (Non Members)
Concessions: £4 Practica & Milonga (Non Members)



We provide refreshment and nibbles. Feel free to bring your own to share if you feel incline.



We play traditional music by Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Biaggi, Canaro, De Angelis, Calo or Tanturi. Each
of the tracks is specially selected for their suitability for Practica session.

The Playlist of Practica tracks is posted on our website (available for download) to help identify the
name of the orchestra that is playing, help student get an idea of the music they like dancing
to as well as helping them recognise the different orchestras.