BPATS | Private Tango Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, there are some aspects
of learning and dancing tango that are more easily conveyed and understood in
a smaller setting with focused instruction tailored to your needs.

We would recommend taking private lessons if you have:

  • Limited time to attend regular weekly classes
  • Require personal attention
  • Want to progress faster and rapidly master the Tango Fundamentals

Why you should take Private Lessons

You will get continuous personal feedback and instruction:

  • Instructor's full attention
  • Correct mistakes before they turn into bad habits
  • One-to-one tuition allows you to learn more and progress much faster.
  • Fast-track route to learning the dance

Group Private Lesson

Group Private Lessons can be booked as an alternative to Private Lesson. This enables a small group to learn
in a more intimate atmosphere, with lots of personal attention, but at a much lower cost than personal private lessons.

  • Groups can be from 2-6 people, dividing the fixed cost between the participants.
  • Learn from watching and analysiing each other.
  • The whole workshop can be programmed or bespoke according to the need of the group.
  • Group Private Lessons must be booked and a deposit paid before the workshops are advertised
    to the public at least 1 months before the start of the workshop.


Private lessons are priced by the hour and taught by resident or visiting instructors.
Prices depend on the duration of the session as well as the location and visiting instructors.
The base rate is the same for one or two people.

  • One or two hours: £30/hr
  • Three or more hours: £25/hr

If you'd like to assemble a small group of 2-6 people together and have a private small-group
lesson, take the base rate above and add £15 per person per hour for each additional person.


Payment Options

To give you some flexibility, we offer the following payment options. Prices listed are the base
rate for evening and weekend lessons.

  1. Pay As You Go Plan (hourly):
    • The first hour: £30
    • The second hour: £30
    • The third hour: You pay only £25 (£25 * 3 hours = £75)
    • Every hour additional: £20 for as long as you attend regularly.

  2. Prepaid Plan:
    • Discount by buying in advance, and no time limit (simply schedule a convenient time to take it)
    • Each three hour block: £60
    • Each additional hour: £25 (purchased with the block).

  3. Semi Privates (up to three couples) :
    • Discount by buying in advance, and no time limit (simply schedule a convenient time to take it)
    • £60 three couples/per hour (£20 per person)
    • Each additional hour: £15 (purchased with the block).


All private lessons are normally held at our regularly event venues located in Bournemouth & Poole,
but we can also come to a location of your choice if desired. If you wish to arrange a lesson at another
location, at your location for example, you will be responsible for the cost of studio rental (if any) plus
travel time.

For maximum benefit we recommend practicing for a few hours after each private session.
We'll also show you some exercises that you can do on your own.
If you are interested in taking private lessons, please call for more info - email your request.