BPATS | Teaching Philosophy

We teach tango with emphasis on improvisation, using small sets of movements that
can be combined in many ways to create unique sequences that fit the available space
on the dance floor.

In addition, we start with Tango fundamentals in all of our workshops, from beginner to advanced,
emphasizing partner connection allowing the follower to not just follow, but to be an equal protagonist
in the dance, leading and following technique, interpretation of the music, and the development of
navigational skills for the social dance floor.

Learn to move with ease, very fast, very slow and everything in between.


Learn to dance instead of learning steps

We each participants to dance instead of teaching them steps


100% Improvisation

We will teach you to create your own sequences.
Able to lead and follow anyone


Fast track to the Milonga dancefloor.

The ultimate aim is to prepares students for dancing tango at the milongas (tango social dances)
in the shortest possible time. We focus on the essentials and fundamentals required to get you dancing.
Come explore the Argentine Tango with us, and discover a beautiful, sensual and passionate dance.