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This index provides some links to various tango resources on this site.


FAQ - New to Tango

If you are completely new to tango and requires general information, we recommend starting with the FAQ
Please check the BPATS FAQ first to see if your question has already been answered. If your questions
are not answered in the faq resources, please contact us at info at bpats co uk for assistance.


Where to dance Tango

Tango in Dorset/Hampshire & beyond

There is a lot of tango going on in Dorset and Hampshire, Milongas (social dances), themed workshops,
Classes, and Special events. One useful place to seek information on when/where to dance, and other
tango events in Dorset and surroundings is BPATS Events and Social Calendar.

In addition, if you want to stay updated with tango events in the region and beyond you should subscribe to
our mailing list or join the TangoUK group on Yahoo. Most (if not all) of the tango events in the UK get
announced on this list.

Tango in London

If you are visiting London for business or pleasure and fancy taking Tango
instructions or spending some time in a milonga, check this section.

Tango Festivals Worldwide

Information about tango festivals worldwide.


Tango Shoes, Clothing - Fedora & Fishnet Stockings

The most famous brand of shoes over the years has been Comme il Faut. This are sold by several
importers of Comme il Faut (CiF) over the internet and through most Tango clubs, society
and dance studios. There are also several other manufacturers (like NeoTango, Flabella, or Greta Flora)
which are considered to be just as good or better.
Here is the link to the best Ladies and Gentlemen tango shoes and other accessories.


Tango Music

When you are ready to start your Tango Music collection, follow this link


Tango History

There is no definitive history about tango, much of the tango history tends to be sensationalized, and very few scholarly work on the subject. However, the History-of-Tango site has a collection of interesting articles on this subject.