BPATS | Music from the Golden Age

The music can help to shape a great night at any milonga (tango social events). I play
mostly very traditional tango music in tandas with cortinas, from the Golden Age, that capture the best recordings of each tango orchestra.

They are classics because they have it all, dramatic tangos and lyrical valses,the sensibilities, bitterness,
sweetness, romantic and seductive feel, heart thumping energy that can help build the mood of the evening.

All our selection are unequivocally and beautifully danceable, I love the music and love to share my passion
with my fellow dancers by providing exquisite music for dancing, songs that make us ache to get on the floor,
flighty vals's that possess wings and milongas that goes to the core of our being.

Please come join us at any of our social events and we promise you a wonderful time.

Hoping to see you on the dance floor.