BPATS | Tango Fundamentals - Walking (Caminada)

Tango is a walking dance, execution of the core elements of tango emanates from
the walk, absolutely essential to master this before moving on to the steps and figures.


Course Description.

The workshop teaches the basic caminadas - variations of the authentic Argentine tango walk, which include the "normal" and "cross-feet" movements, inside and outside partner, combined with changes in rhythm.


Why you should take this course

Learn to Walk with a simple, controlled and precise movement. For beginners and those who wish to review the techniques of walking.


Course Material (Programme)

Tango Fundamentals - Walking (Caminada)

  • Introduction to Tango Walks
  • The Tango walk with many variations
  • Walking steps
  • Forward and Backward walking exercises
  • Walking on three tracks
  • From Parallel to cross system (Move in and out of the cross/parallel system more freely)
  • Time to cross
  • The Stroll

Workshop Level

All level



No experience required.



Tango Fundamentals - Walking (Caminada)

Date/Day: - Dates to be announced

Place: All Saints Church Branksome Park 28 Western Rd, Poole, BH13 7BP Map


Price:                 £30 (Couples £55) - Non Members
Concessions:      £25 (Couples £45) - Members    

Please check the calendar for schedule of future courses


Booking/Additional Information

For more information contact Resident Instructor

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