BPATS | Followers' Technique

Follower's Technique Workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their following. Become an active follower, develop your own style and learn to enjoy
following with any leader.


Course Description.

The workshop will focus exclusively on Follower/Women's Technique. The instruction would be
particularly useful for followers of all levels who are looking to improve their basic skills in salon tango.


Why you should take this course

The workshop is intended for anyone who is committed to improving their balance,music ality, connection
and understanding of the follower's role. Respond easily to changes of speed, music and partners'
movement. Also open to male/Leader participants. Learn to follow regardless who is leading


Course Programme

Course material

Level I - Beginners / improvers

  • The Embrace
  • Posture
  • Walking
  • The Cruzada
  • Blocks (Paradas, Sandwiches & Pasadas)
  • Barridas
  • Sacadas
  • Adornments

Level II - Intermediates to advanced  

  • Forward Ochos
  • Back Ochos
  • Boleos
  • Embellishments
  • Adornments
  • Exercises

Workshop Level

All level - Aimed at followers (both female and male)



Prior experience of leading/following the basic elements of Argentine Tango.



Followers' Technique

Date/Day: - To be confirmed

Place: All Saints Church Branksome Park 28 Western Rd, Poole, BH13 7BP Map


Non Members    -   £30 (Singles) | £50 (couples) - One workshop: £15        -  Two workshops: £25
Members            -   £25 (Singles) | £40 (couples) - One workshop: £12.50   -  Two workshops: £20

Please check the calendar for schedule of future courses


Booking/Additional Information

For more information contact Resident Instructor

Contact:     Resident Instructor
Phone:      +44 (0)7883 540 995
Skype:        BPATS
Skype:        BournemouthTango
Email:         BournemouthTango@gmail.com