BPATS | Workshop Levels

Most workshops Levels are suitable for everyone from Beginners to Advanced dancers.
It is necessary to have at least some basic tango experience to give context to skills students will learn in these classes.

These are some general guidelines for skill level of our workshop and classes.


Workshop Levels


Absolute Beginners/Beginners

The Absolute Beginners/Beginners course is a series of workshops suited for absolute
beginners and beginners who have made the transition from a novice. This is also suitable
for dancers who wish to review the fundamentals.

  • Absolute Beginners (No previous experience is required)
  • Beginners (Expected to have upto 3 months of class and workshop participation)
  • All are welcome with or without partner


The Improver/Intermediate workshops cover a wide range of experience levels. This is also suitable for beginners or dancers who wish to review the fundamentals.

The prerequisite:

  • A minimum of six months of regular instructions.
  • Comfortable (with partner) in close and open embrace.
  • Good navigation skills and solid balance.
  • Ability to Listen, move, react and dance to the music.
  • Lead or follow many basic tango figures (such as Barridas, Boleos, Ganchos etc.)


The Intermediate/Advanced workshops are intended for more experienced dancers
Every series focuses on different elements and new ways of putting these elements

The prerequisite:

  • A minimum of 1.5 years and regular attendance of classes/ milongas
  • Meet all the requirements of the Improver/Intermediate level described above
  • Able to move, react and dance to the popular tango songs/orchestras.
  • Familiar with all the basic tango steps (walking, ochos, turns, barridas, boleos, sacadas, ganchos)
  • Can lead or follow more challenging variations of the main tango figures
  • Understand steps by watching and then working them out with your partner
  • Starting to improvise your dance, concentrating on musicality and connection with your partner.
  • Able to dance in and adapt to a variety of dance floor conditions.

Advance - Level 4

The advanced workshops are intended for very advanced social dancers. It is assumed that
you have a very high level of skill and will not slow down the class or partner. The main focus is
on creativity and improvisation.

The prerequisite:

  • Have 3+ years of class and workshop participation
  • Able to execute a figure without having to see it demonstrated
  • Fluent and comfortable with tango steps.
  • Concerned with developing your dancing through improvisation, musicality and
    connection with your partner.
  • Can execute tango figures as well as able to explain the mechanism and
    technique involve.