BPATS | Workshop Schedule

BPATS offers Absolute Beginner Workshop Series, Foundation workshops,Techniques Workshop Series, Special Workshops and Practicas at all levels.

Our workshop are kept small (4-6 couples), and focus on individual attention in a stress-free learning
atmosphere where our students are not required to bring a partner, and switching partners during class
is encouraged. The Saturday workshops are taught on a one-month rotational basis.


Absolute Beginner Workshop Series

All our workshops are progressive. If you have never danced Tango before, we recommend that you take
the FREE Taster workshop, then you can progress to the Beginners Course levels I & II starting with
Introductory Course. The courses run through the year with some breaks and you can find the next
start dates on our calendar.


Tango Fundamentals Workshop Series

Tango Fundamentals Workshop Series introduce new elements as well as revision of previous workshop
for recent beginners and those wishing to improve their skills. In the series, you will learn the basic elements
of the tango walk (caminada) and introduction of basic steps, emphasizing posture, leading and following skills,
and interpreting the music.


Tango Techniques Workshop Series

We will work on elements of technique necessary for the theme of each particular workshop and we will
analyze in detail how to communicate with your partner in order to create certain moves or sequences
from the mark.


Special Workshops

Special themed workshop series.